Flexible packaging market in Europe

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Top 50 Flexible Packaging Converters in Europe A report giving key production details on the leading converters of film, paper and foil in Europe If you are involved in the packaging market as a supplier, converter or investor, understanding the size and market position of some of the largest packaging companies in the world, is vital.    These companies, who buy significant quantities of film, paper, foil and other substrates for the printing and converting of consumer and industrial packaging, have had to face rising costs, growing environmental pressures and slowing economic growth.  This competitive environment has seen a sgnificant amount of corporate change and strategic reappraisal among the leading players.   This report provides an analysis of the shape and structure of these 50 leading groups and includes a detailed listing of all plants operated, an estimate of substrate usage and the value of their converted flexible packaging operations in Europe. For each of these major companies, a detailed profile is given, showing:

  • Corporate and ownership details
  • A review of the company’s growth and development within flexible packaging converting
  • A complete list of all converted flexible packaging operations
  • Some financial results


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